Heritage and Spirituality

We are the current RSHM Heritage and Spirituality Group.

The picture was taken in Rome during our first meeting in september 2019. We came from different areas in the Institute : Sr Kathleen Connell –EAA, our former coordinator, Sr Catherine Gough – (EAA) Sr Luisa Maria Almendra – PA, Sr Beatrice Magaya – ZA, Sr Rosinha Pereira- BA, Sr Valeria Erneio – MA, Sr Marie France Correau, new coordinator since July 2020. Sr Ana Luisa Pinto is with us as the link person with the ILT.

We want to communicate , interact with our sisters, collaborators and interested others. We would like to foster access to our historical heritage and spirituality so that people can find a source of transformation for their lives.

We seek to find in our RSHM Heritage and Spirituality nourishment for community building and justice issues in our world today. (2019 General Chapter document Priorities)

We believe that:

– Our story and our spirituality are a source of transformation and we want to facilitate access for all to experience this.

– We can find in our heritage and spirituality means to nourish community building and also answers to questions of justice in today’s world. (2019 General Chapter Priorities).

– We can help our younger members to familiarize themselves with our sources so that they could be “instruments” to share them with others (mentoring).


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