Our Mission

Periodically, we develop statements that express our mission for the context in which we live, and which further articulate “who we are”:


We, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, an international apostolic instdsc_0680itute of women religious, are called to share in the life-giving mission of Jesus Christ.

The challenge of the gospel and the spirit of faith and zeal which marked our founders, and our founding sisters, urges to respond to the needs of our time and to work with others in action for evangelical justice.  At the same time we place ourselves and our resources at the service of those who are most in need of justice, especially women and children, enabling the powerless, the deprived, the marginalized, the voiceless to work effectively for their own development and liberation.

We are called to be community, to know and celebrate God’s love for us and to make that love known to others.

Mary is our model as we seek to be open to the Spirit, to center our lives in Jesus Christ, to be women of prayer and compassion, and to give authentic a nd joyful witness to the values of the gospel wherever we are.


CALLED TO BE COMMUNITY (1999), excerpt:

Called to community as RSHM, we center our lives in Jesus Christ. . . . dsc_0517We seek God in personal and community prayer and together we listen to the promptings of God’s Spirit present in the Word, in each person, in the community, the Church and the world. . . . We affirm and celebrate one another’s giftedness and welcome the richness of our diversity while always upholding and building unity.

Believing in the interconnectedness of all creation, we commit ourselves to interdependence in community with one another, as an Institute, with all God’s people and with the whole of creation, so that all may have life now and in the future. In solidarity with the poor, the suffering and the excluded, and assuming our prophetic role in the Church and the world, we desire as community to live simply, act justly, use and share our resources responsibly, thus contradicting relationships of injustice in our world.


VISION STATEMENT (2013), excerpt:

mexicoministry131029The Spirit impels us to listen and learn from voices from below
that are being silenced,
and to open our hearts ever wider
to our marginalized brothers and sisters,
especially women and children,
as we journey with all who share the same vision and commitment
to our earth and her peoples.