SHM Extended Family and Volunteers

logoextfamThe RSHM treasure the friendships and associations shared with students, faculties, staffs, families, and collaborators over the years. All are invited to participate in the SHM Extended Family, which embraces all who identify with the spirit of the
RSHM and to want “to share in the life-giving mission of Jesus Christ.” The SHM Extended Family is active in various ways in the different provinces, according to the needs of the group and the province. Some groups gather regularly for prayer. In several provinces there is an Extended Family retreat. Extended Family and RSHM gather together to celebrate the
Feast of the Sacred Heart of Mary and other significant feasts of the Institute. Groups have also made pilgrimages to the Mother House in Béziers. In several provinces, members of the Extended Family volunteer to assist in RSHM ministries or develop their own service projects. In this way, Extended Family members bring the RSHM mission into their families, workplaces, and everyday realities.


While some Extended Family members also offer their service as volunteers, the spirit of volunteerism pervades the RSHM world. In all RSHM schools volunteer service is a priority for both students and faculty. Students from Portugal travelled to East Timor to volunteer during the summer and
students and teachers from Rome have travelled to the Zambezi Region.