Who We Are

As Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, “We are called . . . to continue the mission of Jesus Christ who cadsc_0495-2me that all may have life. . . . In our following of Jesus, we look to Mary, who, as his first disciple . . . was empowered by the Spirit to say YES to God in the face of the unpredictable and even the impossible, to say YES without condition.” (Constitutions 1, 3)

The gift of our living in communities of faith in diverse cultures heightens our sense of God’s presence throughout the world. We respect the diversity of faiths, ethnicities, and cultures throughout the world, and seek to collaborate with all who strive to change unjust structures, and to preserve the earth’s resources.

We are enriched by personal and communal prayer, and by ritual and celebration through which we deepen our response to God’s call, celebrate God’s presence and express our gratitude for God’s gifts.