We are happy to offer you these podcasts which originated when a group of pastoral coordinators of RSHM schools from Brazil visited, our Mother House in Béziers, France in September 2019. The group was inspired with zeal, enthusiasm and gratitude at being in the place of the Institute’s founding, and wanted to share the spirituality of our founder, Father Jean Antoine Gailhac, and the charism of our Institute, with an interpretation relevant to today’s world. This has become a reality through a series of three minute podcasts, made possible through the collaboration of the Brazilian Province and the Mother House.

The kingdom of God: click here

God likes to be served with a joyful spirit: click here

May God be in everything: Click here

Prayer is the source of love: Click here

The guardian angel: Click here

There is no one in the world who does not have his cross: Click here

Let nothing stop us: Click here

The transfiguration of Christ: Click here

The Serenity of The Face: Click here

Spiritual Friendship: Click here

Sacred Heart of Mary: Click here

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Click here

May our whole being glorify you: Click here

The glory that only belongs to God: Click here

The Truly Resurrected One:    click here

Transformation in Jesus Christ is Resurrection: click here

Everything comes from the cross and the cross is the source of all good: Click here

Lent time of grace: Click here

The Spirit of RSHM: Click here

Daughter of Abraham: Click here

From Time to Eternity: Click here

The Kings Magis: click here

Christmas: click here

Reborn in the Myths: click here 

The Heaven:click here

God’s Will: click here

Words from the Heart: click here

In the Image of God: click here

Carrying the Cross: click here

Grace: click here

Mary In the Heart of God: click here 

Faith II:click here

Faith:click here

Sacred Heart of Mary: click here

Sacred Heart of Jesus: click here

Holy Spirit: click here

Mary: click here

Easter: click here

Divine Mercy Sunday : click here