Posted November 10, 2021

Sister Beatrice Magaya RSHM

Fr.  Gailhac is a man who came into the world to make a difference. In his life he responded generously to others. He was a unique human person. Being human is about seeing others as worth attention no matter what. By helping others, the world simply becomes a better place. The most encouraging gift to another is to help. I am a firm believer that helping others is the quick way to find true happiness, making both the other’s day and your own day a little bit brighter.

There was something special about Fr Gailhac who was born November 13.    From a young age he was drawn to those marginalised by society, the poor, the sick and the imprisoned. He said of himself “from my youth the Lord filled me with a sacred fire (1879)” In his encounters with people he saw their needs and touch them with his kind heart, the heart of Jesus. He inspires us today when we read his path of holiness, making others happy with an offer to be new people.

Holiness and good example are like a blazing fire that consumes everything around it. “Even more the perfume of a holy life spreads everywhere the holy person lives”. GS/3/XI/87/A. We remember and treasure the holiness of our founder and when we are inspired by him it makes our founder the everyday saint.

When we share the spirit of our founder inspiring others to join this mission, we are encouraged by the words of our founder: “If we wish to respond to our vocation and make our work fruitful, we must be models and live what we teach. No one can pass on what she does not have. The person without love for God cannot awaken the love in another”. GS/21/XI/83/A

Father Gailhac was faith filled so much that he did not fear death: “Courage dear daughter let us die, Jesus Christ died for us and because He died that we might live we ought to feel privileged to die with Him in order to live with Him for all eternity”. GS//8/XI/71/C

The courage that our founder had to begin this institute sustain us to dream and continue, believing with joy that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams (Eleanor Roosevelt). In the end it is not the years in our life that counts, it is the life in our years.

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