Intergenerational Groups

Posted April 16, 2024

In 2021 the Institute Formation Commission (IFC), following the Institute-wide survey of the Sisters, responded to the request for having an “Intergenerational Network to share our life”. The purpose would be to share experiences  between older sisters and younger sisters; to meet new people from different Areas; and, to talk about simple things in our daily life as RSHM. The ‘Intergenerational groups’ were formed in response to this request. 

For more than two (2) years many sisters have been participating in this new experience. At present we have 19 groups and 100 sisters participating. There are 9 Portuguese speaking groups, 7 English speaking groups, 2 Spanish speaking and one mixed group of English and Portuguese speaking participants.

Two Technology Workshops provided by the RSHM Communications team helped participants become more knowledgeable and confident with technology! In the coming year the Communications team will be offering additional basic and advanced training on the social media platforms.  

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to share life experiences, challenges, and the joys of mission and community life. Intergenerational groups are a wonderful opportunity to make connections, build relationships and continue our Lifelong formation. We are on this synodal journey together!

If you are interested and would like to join an intergenerational group and are English or French speaking please contact Clare Horn at Please contact Florence Muuka at if you speak Spanish or Portuguese. They will help answer your questions and help assign you to a group. 

The experience of meeting others is always life-giving. Come join us! 

Florence Muuka and Clare Horn

For the Institute Formation Commission



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