Letter 7

Posted February 11, 2022

My good Father,

I did not have the privilege of knowing you while you were alive, but I had the joy of being in  contact with you when your remains were transferred from the cemetery to the crypt.

I saw you. You were beautifully preserved. You were lying there, calm, visible to all eyes. I touched you. I was able to lift your fingers joined for prayer. They were supple like your whole body. I was fascinated by your slightly half-open lips. Did they mean to smile? Rather, they whispered with conviction: “My daughter, are you always faithful to the call you have received ? Calm, submissive, gentle, generous, simple, humble, patient, your heart burning with love for Jesus the Saviour? How happy and peaceful is the heart united to God! “

Yes, I have well understood your words, whispered in silence. Yes, Father, I want to be all for God but you know my weakness, my vulnerability; so, my good Father, I count on you to keep me awake. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide me, to encourage me. 

Thank you, my good Father, for being so close to all your daughters. Thank you for all the letters full of encouragement and affection that you have given us. They are always a source of joy and good advice.

See you soon!  …………. I look forward to seeing you again!

Your affectionate and grateful daughter. 

Marie-Jean Barthès, RSHM

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