Letter 6

Posted January 24, 2022

Béziers November 7th, 2021

Dear Father Gailhac,

It’s your birthday soon, unless I’m mistaken, on November 13. It would be really great to see your work recognized one day!

I am 62 years old, and since the age of 10 you have been a part of my life and the people who have taken after you have had a great impact on my future.

Being part of the abandoned, abused, forgotten children is not very rewarding, motivating and constructive, so it took a lot of love, patience, wisdom to make me the happy, free, strong woman I have become.

As I walked down the stairs to school, I always glanced at your portrait on the wall. I loved your discreet and benevolent smile. It was a bit like the look of a father who lets his children go on an adventure and wishes them good luck.

I didn’t know your life story but when I discovered it, I thought you were very brave. To face all those who did not want prostitutes and their children to be taken care of, to be educated, to be looked after, like any other child in Béziers, bravo and thank you! One day, in September 1970, I too was left in the care of the nuns of the Sacred Heart of Mary. I think, without boasting, that this is a small miracle and, as I was not the only one to benefit from all this love, the sum of all these small miracles should tip the balance in favor of your beatification.

If you were to return to us today, you would have something to be proud of because your example has been greatly followed. We are those little miracles that society demands to make you a saint.

In my heart, you are already a saint and I am convinced that this admission will please you because the children of Jean Gailhac are the best placed to say how much good he has done in their lives.

To make a child happy, proud, strong, despite all the obstacles he has encountered on his way, is not trivial : it took a holy man to motivate all those nuns who gave their lives so that all might have life in abundance.

To teach a child to love, to give him confidence in his step, to offer him a beautiful life, is this not miraculous in today’s world ? You are still very present in my heart and in our lives.

I would never have dared to disappoint this kind man who offered us what society refused us.

Thank you again and I keep you in my prayers.

We must believe in miracles !

Lydia Anoto

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