Third Sunday of Lent, March 12, 2023

Posted March 11, 2023

Today’s liturgy, especially the Gospel and the first reading, clearly indicate that God has no favorites and intends the salvation of all. God is willing to bestow inestimable blessings, love, care, and graces to anyone who is open to God’s infinite love and unbounded generosity, as we see with the Samaritan woman and Israel. We are told in the first reading that God didn’t count the wickedness of Israel but generously provided for the people despite their sin. At first, everything was well with them but soon difficulties arose: oppressive heat, weariness, snake bites, hunger and especially thirst. Amidst all these difficulties, God generously provided them with living water and food. In the gospel, Jesus continues to grant life to the full to the Samaritan woman with life giving water. By doing so, Jesus clearly indicates that God’s generosity is for all despite one’s race, color, clan, status, and affiliation, as it is God’s exclusive purpose to grant life to the full to all people.

So too with us today, taking as our model the example of Jesus our Good Shepherd, who lives in our hearts, every act of kindness, goodness and charity done to another is known to God, who will unfailingly reward us in a measure that will exceed all our expectations. Pondering the Charism of our founder, “So that they may have life to the full”, we too, should not be outdone in generosity towards our brothers and sisters especially the sick, lame, orphans, widows, widowers, street kids, the poor and neglected. Therefore, in the precise words of Jesus himself, “Give, and gifts will be given you; good measure, pressed down, shaken up and running over will be poured into your lap, for the measure that you award to others is the measure that will be awarded to you.” Indeed, my dear brothers and sisters, God is never outdone in generosity towards all people.

 Precious Mbulo








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