The Gift Love – Mozambique

Posted August 9, 2022

Forever grateful for the gifts of our Founders

The Gift Love
Valéria Erneio, RSCM,  Mozambique

We are here the Area of Mozambique, represented by Sisters Bernardete Tesoura and  Valeria Erneio.

We thank you for the gift that you have been and are to our Congregation, F. Gailhac and M. St. Jean.

We thank you for the Love that you have transmitted, and continue to transmit, to us through your Letters in our Area and in the Institute.

We thank you for the love that you have given, the abandoned children and the girls of the Refuge,

the love that is patient, forgiving and free.

We want to learn to love all the girls who want to join our Spirituality and Mission to continue to give life to all.

It was with this love that the Sisters brought the Charism to Mozambique in 1952. They were 9 Portuguese, 2 Irish and 1 Brazilian.

We ask Father Gailhac, Mother St. Jean and the Missionaries, to intercede for us with God so that we may love freely.  May it be so.

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