Portuguese Media placed Colégio do Rosario, College belonging to the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, at the top of the lists of the Secondary school exam results 2019/2020

Posted May 27, 2021

Today, 21 May, the various media published the usual ‘Rankings’ of schools, based on the results of the exams held in July last year.

The best overall average ever, 17.98 marks in all the examination subjects, published at the beginning of September, already foresaw a good comparative position of our school in the universe of schools, which has been confirmed with the data just announced. In the lists with more than 100 exams (the Oporto IRSCM School in Portugal students took a total of 435 exams), our school appears in 1st place, appearing in 2nd or 3rd place in other publications that consider a lower number of exams.

Despite the very different circumstances of the previous school year, which took everyone by surprise, and the obstacles that had to be overcome by students, teachers and families, it was possible to continue an Educational Project that, besides academic excellence, promotes human excellence as an essential component in the students’ education.

It is with joy that we share this good news with the entire educational community, once again congratulations.

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