Spread our horizon to sense the infinite

Posted April 6, 2021

Mother House
By Sister Bernadette McNamara RSHM

For a year now, newspapers and technological means have been speaking to us with a very limited horizon, as in foggy days. A lot of people talk about meaninglessness. Yet both adults and children carry within themselves the search for what is ahead … read the next page of a book, climb the hill to see the other side, follow the windings of the road to see further . This is kind of what we do for the meaning of life. Where are we going ? How will tomorrow be? and after?

The Gospel of this season gives us a wide horizon by opening us to Life in fullness from our present day. The Word of the good news works in us, works in us; but how can we hear the unheard-of of this Word in our intimacy? She invites us to look further, to come out of ourselves as we celebrate the death-resurrection of Jesus and of ourselves, as St Paul tells us.Eph.2 Our Faith directs us towards this hope for the future.

In his Holy Friday letter to the communities in 1883, Our Founder, Venerable Father Gailhac reminds us that Jesus, rising from the tomb, wanted us all to participate in the glory of the resurrection.How to recognize this spiritual resurrection in our present life?

“Jesus Christ Our model in everything wants to be also for our spiritual resurrection”: Jesus Christ was resplendent with light, glory and power. The truly resurrected soul must be full of the spirit of Jesus Christ.  To be resuscitated is to be transformed … the resurrected soul is the one who has regulated its ascents in his heart, and never stops in the path traced by Jesus Christ ”





Does this horizon give us momentum today; a momentum that radiates within us and for our world. The risen Jesus wanted to appear to 500 witnesses at a time. “In fact, just as the Father raises the dead and makes them alive, so the Son makes as alive what he wants” Jn 5:21

In his 1st letter from St Paul to Th. V 13

“This is why we continually give thanks to God that by receiving the word of God, which we made you hear, you received it. Not as the word of men, but, as it really is, as the word of God, which acts in you who believe. ”

What a joy to live with this living Word, active for those who listen in the present. What a horizon for Christianity in our world where death and emptiness are so present.

I take advantage of the loneliness of this moment to let the incredible good news resonate in me. Let us cultivate hope so that those around us can feel it, thus opening a gap for dialogue. “Weren’t our hearts all burning when hearing the words of the Scriptures?”

Lord, May your Word transform our minds and our bodies; lead us to a new rebirth so our hearts move in this paschal time. Thus we will be raised entirely in communion with your Son Jesus.

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