News from Zambia

Posted August 4, 2020

Recently in July 2020, two of our newer members, Sisters Aelita and Previladge, attended an event at Hospice Alternative Care daycare center in Choma, Zâmbia, to help distribute food. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the center was close and the children were therefore not able to receive breakfast and lunch, as they would in normal times. Most of these children are very vulnerable since they come from homes where no one is employed. A contribution from the RSHM Solidarity Fund helped to provide food for these families.
The event began with a prayer, followed by a brief explanation of the function of the Center, and an informative talk about Covid 19. Then food was distributed, each family receiving a bag of mealie meal, 2 bags of soya chunks, a packet of salt, a piece of soap and 750ml of cooking oil. The children were also given homemade washable face masks to wear.
We are very grateful for such an opportunity to represent the Institute and also have a chance to see acquaintances and students with whom we have interacted in the past. Most of them are all grown up and it was a good day for us. We closed the program with a prayer and each one returned home.
We thank God for our Institute and all the work it does in society; we also remember our benefactors and their kind and generous hearts.

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