Meeting of the Youngest Sisters in Temporary Vows (Junior Professed) of the Institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Beziers – 2022/2023

Posted January 19, 2023

The leadership team of the RSCM institute organized a meeting for all the juniors in Béziers, southern France, and Portugal from December 28, 2022 to January 14, 2023 with the theme: “The tree will be what it gets from its roots” (Fr. Gailhac).

This time in Béziers and Portugal is part of a formation proposal for the junior sisters, with the aim of broadening their sense of belonging and renewing their enthusiasm in the mission, as RSCM, incorporating internationality. 

Sisters from the areas of Brazil, Zambezi and Mozambique were present in this meeting, as well as other collaborating sisters and lay people virtually (online) and in person from several other countries, adding diversity and unity as one heart, one language and one mind.

The three weeks of experience at the sources of the RSCM can be faithfully summarized as: time for prayer, pilgrimage, inculturation, reflection and much sharing of life.

We all could feel the presence of Father Gailhac alive among us in every place we went. This was very clear in our pilgrimage to Portugal, where we found the sisters still on mission today, which inspired us with strength and hope.

The motherhouse, found in perfect condition, has not lost its meaning. The meeting and reunion in significant places and with loved ones gave meaning to all our shared memories as sisters and as a group.

We felt enthused by everything we saw and touched during our pilgrimage. They were very meaningful, exciting and revitalizing moments to our charism, spirituality and mission. They were moments of consolidation of the past and the present.

And the meeting ended with a beautiful closing celebration, thanksgiving and renewal of vows by two Brazilian sisters, Rhânella and Daniela, who expressed themselves with and on behalf of all the other juniors, saying “We thank God for the gift of our charism, and for this very enriching opportunity to drink from our sources with the desire to generate life for all.

Finally, we want to thank the Leadership Council for all they have done. We ask the good God to bless you forever!

Luísa, Isaura, Perpetual, Naomí, Elizabeth, Mary, Joanita, Plgnet, Aida, Rosinha e Rhânella, Daniela, Rosita e Aélita

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