20th Anniversary of the Center of Spirituality Jean Gailhac

Posted April 10, 2018

The Center of Spirituality Jean Gailhac, Costa Nova, Portugal, was inaugurated in 1998. Two decades dedicated to the service of the RSHM and of those who search for an open, warm, and favourable place for prayer and reflection are reasons for celebration and thanksgiving. We are celebrating such a meaningful event in the life of the Portuguese Province of the RSHM and giving thanks to God, “the only spring of all that is good”, for what God is doing within the heart of those many people who choose this space for retreats, formation meetings, or simply to pray.

In this spirit of celebration and thanksgiving, the RSHM, supported by some collaborators and by the people of Costa Nova, prepared a festive two-day program, February, 24-25, 2018.  Some sisters, representing the several communities in Portugal and some invitees attended the program on the 24th. Outside the house, in a prayerful climate a fountain has been inaugurated as a symbol of the role the CEJG  – the center where we can drink of our Sources – History and Spirituality of the RSHM – leading us to the Source of all sources: GOD. We had the Liturgy, celebrated by the Diocesan Bishop, D. António Monteiro. Following dinner we had a guided visit to the “Linha do Tempo” of the Institute of the RSHM – an exhibition showing the meaningful events of the Institute, since 1849 up to 2013, in the context of the Church and the World History.

The 25th was a day for the local people and for the sisters who comprised part of the Costa Nova community during these 20 years. The Liturgy was celebrated in the Parish and then we had a session in the CEJG Auditorium, guided by the Costa Nova staff, who remembered and honoured the Sisters who served there. After dinner there was a simple prayer near the new fountain and a guided visit to the “Linha do Tempo” too. We are most grateful for the joyful and relaxing ambiance, as well as the great number of people who were present.

Maria Antónia Quinteiro, RSCM

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