Transforming Lives: The Compassionate Legacy of Venerable Father Gailhac and the Healing Mission of RSHM Sisters in Zimbabwe

Posted July 31, 2023

“We will use all the health and all the life that God has given us for his glory and his work.” Venerable Father Gailhac

From his earliest days Fr Gailhac exhibited great compassion for anyone in need.  This compassion and total dedication to the sick developed even more deeply in Gailhac when he was named chaplain of the hospital on the 12th of September 1828.  Reading our RSHM history shows clearly how our founder touched the lives of so many people, transforming their lives and enabling them to experience holistic healing,

Following in the footsteps of Father Gailhac and filled with zeal and enthusiasm the RSHM Sisters in the Zambezi area opened a clinic in Zimbabwe on the 3rd of September 2022.  Their desire was to bring life and healing to the people of Chinhoyi and beyond.

Life in the clinic is inspired by our founder’s life.  Like Gailhac clinic staff seeks to respond to the health needs of the local people as Jesus did.  The staff at the Clinic are geared especially to empower everyone who comes to grow in valuing the gift of life and to be better informed about how they can engage in self-care.

The RSHM sisters living and working in Chinhoyi today touch the lives of many people as they minister to their health needs.  The first baby delivered at the clinic was named Gailhac with the consent of the mother as a dedication to our founder.

Fr Gailhac was particularly sensitive to any RSHM who was ill, “with regards to physical needs you should look after your daughters in health and sickness, make sure they lack nothing”.  Recalling this, the clinic also tries to provide for health needs of church workers in the Chinhoyi Diocese.

All who are sick are welcomed at the clinic with love and kindness, so that:


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