The Gift of Transformation – Portugal

Posted August 11, 2022

Forever grateful for the gifts of our Founders

The Gift of Transformation
Mª Teresa Nogueira, RSCM, Portugal

The charism entrusted to Venerable Father Jean Gailhac, to M. Sainte Jean, to the first Sisters and to the whole Institute, calls us to transform our life, presence and structures, in fidelity to the Gospel and in response to the signs of the times.

With the Sisters of the Portugal Area, collaborators, members of the Extended Family, children and young people, in union with the whole Institute, we give you thanks, Lord, for the gift of your Spirit that enables us to be transformed.

In the Institute and in the Portugal Area we have a strong and meaningful history in which have learn  to transform:

transform deserts into springs of water

transform scarcity into abundance

transforming “ends” into “new beginnings”

We ask you, O God, through our holy founders and the Sisters who have gone before us, that this moment of Easter transformation may become a “new beginning”.

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