RSHM Participate in Events Linked to Synod for the Amazon

Posted October 20, 2019

The Synod of Bishops for the Amazon, called by Pope Francis, is taking place in Rome from October 6-27, 2019. As well as bishops, participants include non-voting members—women and men, religious and lay, and a significant number of indigenous people from the countries of the Amazon. The central issues concern protecting the rights of the indigenous peoples of the region and the environment. Related issues are the economy, migration, human trafficking, and the religious and spiritual needs of the people. RSHM sisters, Maria Aparecida (Paré) Moreira from Brazil, and Mary Genino and Joanne Safian from the US, volunteered in the “Tenda Amazonia Casa Comun.” Paré was also a member of the Commission that organized and prepared the “Tent.”
Pare writes of her experience: Bella Roma in Synod Atmosphere: Amazon: New Paths to the Church and to Integral Ecology: I was able to have a strong experience of communion by participating in some way in this important ecclesial event called by Pope Francis. The Church in Rome “breathes” the joy, hope and prophetic voices that come from the reality of the native peoples, the people committed to the life threatened in that region and the care of our Common House. During the Synod, various activities are taking place in Rome, in different spaces for prayer, reflection, debate, sharing experiences, celebrations of those who have been martyred on this journey. One of the activities is the Amazonia Common House Tent, which takes place at the Santa Maria Church in Transpontina, a space for prayer, dialogue, reflection and meeting to accompany the synodal community in its collective search for new ways to an integral ecology. As a member of the Tent Commission, I was invited to attend a time of prayer in St. Peter’s Basilica with Pope Francis, indigenous participants, and religious representatives of the Synod. Following the pilgrimage to the Auditorium of the Paul VI Hall, where the Synod is taking place, it was my joy to be able to be part of that moment of faith and hope and to walk shoulder to shoulder with our beloved and amazing pastor, Pope Francis. LAUDATO SI!


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