Congratulations to the RSHM LIFE Center

Posted June 5, 2020

The RSHM Life Center, in Sleepy Hollow, New York, founded in 1995 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary who have served in the Sleepy Hollow / Tarrytown area for over 100 years, is celebrating its 25th anniversary on June 5, 2020. The LIFE Center is a community center whose mission is to welcome those in need, especially women and children, and to create with them a culture which nurtures their human development. The Center serves individuals of all faiths and cultural traditions.
With the belief that Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE), the Center has a whole family orientation in all of our programs from toddlers to senior citizens. We focus on the learning needs of the entire family and provide free childcare for adults taking programs. Getting to know the families and involving them in the Center Programs helps build stronger community relationships. During this time of pandemic, we have had to adjust our programs and postpone events marking our anniversary, but over the past 11 weeks, we have engaged in food distribution, with produce, groceries, and individual meals provided by local organizations and restaurants—about 10,000 meals and over 10,000 pounds of groceries and produce.

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