celebration of the first vows of Elizabeth, Lesley, and Naomi

Posted January 25, 2021

Heaven and earth seemed to collaborate on the celebration of the first vows of Elizabeth, Lesley, and Naomi.

While the church benches may have been quite empty the living rooms across the world were full and in harmony with us. The Profession of each one was sincere and moving. For the first time, the entire Institute as well as the families and friends of the   sisters, were virtually present.   It was a truly moving experience.

Now, Sister Elizabeth, Sister Lesley and Sister Naomi are glowing with happiness as they adjust to being “sister”. They also have the challenge of preparing to return to Zambia and Zimbabwe to reconnect with their families and communities in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

The response from throughout the world, both Institute and otherwise, has been magnificent.  All of us here in the Novitiate and indeed in the Brazilian Area are most grateful and joyful.  We really felt united and cared for.

Congratulations! Parabens! Felicidades! Felicitations! Makorokoto!! Mwagwira nchito!




February 22, 2021

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