A series of YouTubes: recalling the itinerary in the MOTHER HOUSE

Posted June 26, 2023

A series of You Tubes: recalling the itinerary in  the MOTHER HOUSE

 – 9 are a direct reminder of the last months at the Mother House. In fact, the rooms were being emptied…

– 2 give a flash on the liturgical ornaments used by Fr Gailhac  in the 19th century.

–  1 recalls the itinerary Walking with Gailhac ( Béziers décembre 2022)

– 1 invites us to follow the  inauguration of the Appollonie chapel (Murviel, 7 January 2023)

– 1 A mini video of the fountain reminds us of the flow of life. When God creates a spring, we can be  surprised in many ways… water  finds its way through obstacles, even underground.

These videos come at a time when the Institute is already offering a creative space in Braga, Portugal , writing a new page in the history of the RSCM. As an Institute, we believe that the Spirit is not a prisoner of our structures; nevertheless, memories allow us to keep in touch with the sisters who lived our history from 1849 to 2022… These youtubes are a modest reminder of the Mother House, especially in these last few years.

They allow us to explore the different areas of this space … to keep the memory alive, knowing that we are also standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.

The fountain continues to flow, encouraging us to listen to the ongoing work of God in our lives, in collaboration with so many witnesses among our lay collaborators and our extended family.

We are grateful to Heather and David for creating these videos.

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