Posted September 11, 2023

Discover inspiring initiatives during the Season of Creation, September 4 to October 9, led by our NGO’s Animators for Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation.

Week 2: This week, we share The Western American Area, highlighting activities aligned with the 7 goals of Laudato Si’ and Father Gailhac’s words and values

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Western American Area Laudato Si’

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Recover

I do think we try to reduce, reuse and recycle as best we can.  Personally, I do find it can be challenging in the use of simple things.  Many communities compost – this is a requirement in many cities today.  In Mexico, our Sisters have been composting for years, and utilize flowers and organic materials for making alternative medicines.

  1. We have installed Solar panels here at the Area Administration Center.

  1. Any new property landscaping is now with a view to planting drought resistant gardens.

  1. We have purchased hybrid vehicles that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

  1. New appliances are energy efficient.

  1. We have an onsite electric vehicle charging station.

  1. We make every effort to invest our monies in companies that reflect the values of Laudato Si. Specifically, we are trying to limit our investment in fossil fuel companies.


September 22, 2023

  We rejoice on this day: On 23 September 1826 Jean Gailhac was ordained a priest by Monsignor Nicolas FOURNIER;…

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