The Gift of Mission – Brazil

Posted August 3, 2022

Forever grateful for the gifts of our Founders


The Gift of Mission

Paré Moreira (Brazil)

Father Gailhac wrote to us:

“Dear Daughters, you have a mission to accomplish, but to be fruitful you must burn with love, and zeal is the flame of love. And for the mission to be fruitful it is necessary that you remain united to God and remain in his love. “

Dear and beloved Father Gailhac, dear and beloved Mother St. Jean, today the Brazil Area is present to celebrate this moment that moves us so much. Today we are pruned, like the branches of the vine, but we confidently believe that we are pruned to produce more fruit, and good fruit.

We are also here to give thanks. We give thanks for your living and always inspiring presence, giving fruitfulness to the life and mission of the Institute on Brazilian soil. Your loving presence impels us to continue with courage, without going backwards – as Father Gailhac often tells us – facing the challenges that are so many in the present times, as in the times of Father Gailhac and M. St. Jean.

Therefore, with filial affection, we ask you to continue being the light, guiding and blessing our journey, making our hearts burn with love for the life-giving mission for all. This mission is shared and embraced by so many generous collaborators in our ministries, in the Extended Family, in our families and friends. Be with us always.

Your blessing, Father Gailhac, your blessing, Mother St. Jean, on all your daughters on all those who take on the mission with us, so that all may have Life.  Amen!