Second Sunday of Lent, March 5, 2023

Posted March 3, 2023

This Sunday, the readings invite us to reflect on the gift of listening to the word of God, openness to dialogue, a path to walk, and letting ourselves be guided by Jesus Christ. It is a challenge in this time, to live in silence, with the voices of the cries of our brothers and sisters. I ask how do I listen in my life?

I recall the words of our Founder, Father Jean Gailhac: “During the time of Lent, silence will be more strictly observed, all will apply themselves to mortify the curiosity of eyes and ears, all will lead a life of continuous union with God.” GS 12/II/80*

In the first Reading, God speaks to Abraham. God invites him to leave his land, his parents and to go where God is leading him. Abraham listened and set out on his way. It is a gift from God to know how to listen and to accept, because too often we do not do God’s will, but our own, instead of allowing ourselves to be led and guided by God.

The Gospel invites us to listening, prayer and contemplation as a personal experience. At the transfiguration, Jesus gave His friends a share in His future Resurrection life. Only a few had the experience with Him and as they contemplated the transfigured Jesus they heard, ‘Listen to Him!’ That was the first orientation: listen to Jesus. The disciples were ecstatic and were not even thinking of returning, as Peter said, ‘it is good for us to stay here I will make three tents.

It is good to stay, but at the same time it is necessary, to listen, to come down from the mountain to reality; being attentive to the cries of our people, taking on the mission, being grounded in life and the of others who are waiting for us. In this synodal journey we are invited to walk together, in mutual listening in all circumstances, with faith and hope, towards Easter.

Izaura Paulino Invarua
Quelimane, February 2023

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