Getting to know our Sisters!

Posted October 13, 2021

We know from experience how true this metaphor of Fr. Gailhac is when referring to our formation as RSHM and, in a particular way, to the formation of the youngest members of our Institute. This is the reason why the Temporary Professed Sisters will soon begin a significant experience of our Sources, of deepening in themselves the spirit, charism and mission of our Institute. The whole formation programme will take place between December 2021 and early 2023, including a face-to-face meeting in Béziers from 28 December 2022 to 13 January 2023.

We invite you to get to know the Sisters participating in this formation programme and to keep each of them in your prayers!

Daniela de Jesus Santos
Brazil Area
First Profession: 2020 – Belo Horizonte-MG

For me, to be an RSHM… is to have my life centered in Jesus Christ, to have Mary as a model and to be able to create life in all the places where I am.

Currently, I am collaborating as Educator in one of our Social Projects and as Pastoral Assistant in one of our SHM Schools. In these places I always try to show Jesus for the children, teenagers and their families, through new ways of life. I also encourage them to increase their critical conscience awareness about personal values and help them to understand their role as active members of a society.

At the moment, what challenges me is the political crisis, especially in Brazil. This chaotic situation we live in has affected everyone, in general, in all senses, and this has worsened during pandemic time.

I love to read, listen to music, play instruments, (guitar and flute); I also enjoy making handicrafts in general, paintings, embroidery, cards, etc… I also enjoy getting in touch with friends and sharing with people who can help me on my journey.

My dream is that, as an Institute we go forward, continuing to deepen and grow in love for Jesus Christ and His Mission, and that we better understand deep-down in our hearts that we all are responsible for vocation promotion. That we continue trusting in the action of the Holy Spirit, who will awaken more young woman to join us and give continuity to the mission of Jesus that we assume as Institute.

Elizabeth Miti
Zambezi Area
First profession: the 23rd January, 2021 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  

For me, being an RSHM gives me so much joy and a sense of fulfillment because my desire of serving God as a Religious is gradually coming to a realisation.

I am currently serving at Umoyo Day Center (a place where children who do not have the privilege to go to pre-school go to, in preparation for the 1st Grade). This ministry has a very big significance in the mission of the institute because it helps children to have a firm root and a sense of being cared for and loved.

The issue which challenges me is a social one because there seems to be the poor people in our society who are always in need of help and this usually makes me think of how we can help such people.

In my spare time I like to try out new things. My artistic gifts are writing inspirations, singing and making art out of some pieces of materials.

My dream for the institute is that it will always have members full of faith and zeal to continue in the mission of Christ.

Rosita Eugénio
Mozambique Area
First profession: January 26, 2019 at the Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Brazil.

For me, being RSHM is being a woman who centers her life on Jesus Christ, who seeks to live and follow the virtues that
Mary teaches, of apostolic dynamism and who knows how to live according to the signs of time.

Currently I am part of projects in the Mozambique Area, I work with the young people of the Parish and I am a Catechist; these ministries have an important meaning in the Institute. From these meetings I feel close to the people of God giving life, evangelizing and making God known and loved.

The current issue that challenges me is the challenge of diseases (Convid-19, Worldwide), attacks – in Mozambique. In the midst of these challenges it is difficult to carry out the Mission; Churches closed and without meetings.

In my free time I like reading, art, accompanied with music (mantras) and exercising.

My dream is to always see the entrance of new members to our Institute and with the hope of seeing all the Sisters living unity in diversity, all of them formed in all areas and levels.



Celine Bitega
Zambezi Area
First Profession: 21st of January, 2017 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

For me being an RSHM gives me so much joy and life knowing and loving God and making Him known and loved. I am currently studying in my 3rd year at university. My ministry is among my colleagues where I help the especially the Catholic students with catechism. When I am home in my community I am also involved in vocation promotion. The socio-economic challenges faced by a lot of people around us and the growing gap between those that have and those that do not have is the issue currently challenging me. In my spare time I like to read, sew, crotchet and try out new things. My dream for the institute is for it to have more sisters full of faith and zeal and that we continue giving life to others. Thank you.


Fernanda Marques de Oliveira
Area of Brazil
First Profession: January 2016 – Belo Horizonte – Brazil

For me, being an RSHM means to correspond, always with fidelity to God’s call; a constant process of growth in knowing Jesus and the willingness to be wherever there’s a need and wherever life is threatened.

Ministry: Currently, I work at our Provincial Center as a Social Projects’ Assistant at REAJE sector (Rede de Ação Junto aos Excluídos – Action Network with the Excluded) – a sector that articulates the work of the Social Assistance policy of the Brazilian Area. There are a several social assistance units that serve children, teenagers, women, homeless, and the elderly in situations of social vulnerability.

Current Issue: The world is still immersed in this pandemic situation. Thank God, some countries are overcoming this time of darkness and pain. In Brazil, the coronavirus is a great concern and in addition to the current government neglection, it is very difficult to see – health, education, environment, economy, etc. in chaos and the people suffering, particularly the most impoverished.

Free time: I like to spend time in the garden stirring the soil and taking care of the plants, I like to watch movies, listen to music, do embroidery and some other things.

Hope-Dream: For me, it is very important that we continue to grow in unity among all the Areas of the Institute, regardless of language, age or country. Therefore, as passionate women for Jesus and as a body for mission, we can make God known and loved so that all may have Life.


Izaura Paulino Invarua
Area of Mozambique
First Profession: January 23, 2016 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

For me, to be a RSHM is to always seek with fidelity to correspond freely to the call that God makes each day in my life, to seek to grow in personal knowledge and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, to allow myself to be transformed by Him.

My life as a RSHM is characterised by simplicity, love for one another, living in community, making God known and loved, assuming this commitment of our mission with much faith and zeal.

I feel very happy to be part of this religious family of the Sacred Heart of Mary that has struggled to bring to others the Word of God, and to try to be another Jesus Christ who gave his life for others. This is what motivates me on a daily basis: to be a consecrated woman who generates life, since so many need life and dignity.

Ministry – I am currently in Mozambique, where I have collaborated in community activities, in catechetical ministry in the parish, and I am continuing with my professional studies. At the moment I am doing a course in General Nursing and at the same time doing internships, sometimes in health centres, sometimes in the central hospital, learning and caring for the sick who need so much support.

Current issue – I am very concerned in recent years about the world situation we find ourselves in due to the covid-19 pandemic that has spread in the world, leaving everyone in a physical, emotional, psychological as well as spiritual wear and tear. It is only faith in God that can save us from this situation, keeping hope firm.

Free time – in my free time I have been enjoying sewing, gardening and going to the farm to stir up the mother earth; and recreation – fun within the community, chatting with people I miss. Personal reading is also always present.

Hopes and dreams – I hope that one day my congregation will increase in membership to continue to witness and give life to others as our founder Father Jean Gailhac always dreamed. I also hope that we will continue to be co-operators in the mission as was Mary, woman of faith and full of hope, who co-operated in the work of redemption by giving her “yes” to God. I dream of always living in union with all the Sisters of the Institute, as a Body for Mission, to know God and make God known, to love God and make God loved, and to proclaim that Jesus Christ has come so that all may have life and have it to the full (Jn 10,10).


Aelita Otavia Da Silva
Area that I belong at the moment: Zambezi Area.
First profession: 2017, Brazil

For me, being an RSHM is to be sister to all. Current ministry: Student (Primary Diploma), I also help at the school chapel, counseling and I give spiritual
direction to some student, ‘that they may all have life.’

A current social issue that challenges me is the social situation around the world whereby ‘things’ are more important than people, basic food nutrition, education, health care is neglected. In my free time I like cooking, watching moves based on real life, reading, chatting with my sisters, working on landscaping, swimming and listening to music.

My hope for the Institute is to have more Sisters from all Areas, passionate for Jesus and our mission, and to be open to what our life calls us to be.



Luísa Bernardo
Area of Mozambique
First Profession: January 21, 2017, in Brazil

For me, to be a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary is to be a woman of prayer, a welcoming woman, a woman of faith who believes everything in God and trusts in divine providence. A humble and courageous woman, who knows how to live according to the signs of the times. A woman who has a sense of belonging to the Institute, a woman who has apostolic dynamism, a merciful woman, and who knows how to love.

My present ministry is: I collaborate in the area of communication in the Mozambique Area. I am a catechist and belong to the group of the catechetical commission and I collaborate in the Missionary Childhood in the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Esperança – Maputo. The meaning of these ministries in the mission of the Institute is to know God and to make God known, to love God and to make God loved to proclaim that Jesus Christ has come so that all may have life and have it to the full, according to the (Const. & 7). This is my focus of evangelization.

The current issue that challenges me is: religion and the Church in today’s world. Especially in my country the faith of the Lay faithful is shaken with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation has worsened: three months without Masses, only listening via radio. No pastoral care or catechesis in person. Much loneliness, the sick without visits, the elderly in total isolation. It is a time of despair for the people, and a challenge for me, but at the same time, a time of searching for faith and trust in God.

In my spare time I like to make embroidery, tend the vegetable garden, watch videos of the saints.

My hope is to see the Institute progress more and more with many Sisters.  And my dream is to look into the future of the Institute with faith and hope, that one day it may expand to all parts of the world and continents and our founder be recognised and proclaimed a Saint at the level of the Roman Catholic Church.


Previladge Rutendo Gunyere
Zambezi Area
First Profession: in Brazil in the year 2020

For me, being an RSHM is a dream come true of joining zealous women and partake in the life-giving mission of Christ through the spirit given to Fr Gailhac. I have recently just started my studies in Communication and Media which is vital to our life-giving mission, especially in this digital age.

A current social issue which is challenging me is the rise of mental health problems and abuse in homes because of the corona virus. Most people, particularly women, are not able to experience a healthy social life due to the lockdown.

In my spare time I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, playing games, doing crotchet and cross-stitch.  My hope for our Institute is that there will be increase of personnel to continue the mission of knowing and loving God and to make God known and loved through the spirit of faith and zeal.


Joanita José Vasco
Mozambique Area
First Profession: 23rd of January, 2016 in Brazil Belo Horizonte

For me to be an RSHM is to be open to the new, to know how to live and live with the realities of our current world, give life to everyone without distinction.

I work with young people, teenagers, and children in Beira. Now I have been sent to a new mission in Manica. I am a Nurse by profession, and I work as a volunteer. I feel happy working with this age group, and I enjoy my work at the hospital, I find trust and openness in patients and colleagues.

The current issue that challenges me in the country is the case of insurgents in Cabo Delgado in Northern part of Mozambique. Children and women fleeing, and others being killed, is a noticeably big challenge.

In my free time I like to go out, go to the beach, contemplate the sea. My artistic gifts are embroidery and making vases. My hope or dream for the Institute, is that we remain united, without divisions of Areas or cultures.

Rhânella Altina de Oliveira
Brazilian Area
First Profession: January 2020, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Being an RSHM means to cultivate Jesus’ compassion, therefore, be able to make him known and loved by all people, through my own way of being.

Currently, I work at our Provincial Center on CAEP (Centro Administrativo Educational da Provincia), which coordinates the RSHM network of schools in Brazil. I also work at Projeto Vida Padre Gailhac here in Belo Horizonte. These ministries focused on education, impels me to be more dedicated, loving, caring and committed to those entrusted to me.

At the moment, among other issues, I am particularly concerned about the political situation in the country, aggravated by the pandemic crisis and the lack of a respectful and committed government to life as a whole. Having said this, however, I feel comforted by faith and encouraged to assume with more enthusiasm the life-giving mission of Jesus, embraced by the Institute.

During my free time, I really enjoy reading and practicing ‘ukulele’, in addition to other activities. My greatest hope for our Institute is that it will always be a prophetic sign of charity and unity, wherever an RSHM is and that everyone who get to know us may also feel encouraged to commit themselves to these values.

Precious Pyeela kaluba Mbulo
Zambezi Area
First Profession: 21st of January, 2017 in Brazil Belo Horizonte

For me being an RSHM is a great gift which brings joy, love and peace in my life. I am always glad to know and love God and to make God known and loved that all may have life to the fullest. As an RSHMI I fully participate in the mission of Christ. Currently I am at school doing my bachelor’s degree. When I am in my community, I do parish work. I visit the sick, working with the youths and giving day of recollection to different groups in the parish. When I am at school I teach catechism to my colleagues who want to receive sacraments.

Our mission is to know and love God and to make God known and loved and this is more significant because I bring all people I encounter closer to God that they may have life and have it to the fullest. The current issue that challenges me the most is the political issue because the economy of the country has really gone down, the people of God are suffering. The other thing is that, there is no justice on how some matters are being handled. My artistic gift is crocheting and cooking. My hope for the institute is that it will continue growing in personnel for us to continue serving God where ever we are.

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