Fourth Sunday of Lent

Posted March 16, 2023

Fourth Sunday of Lent
March 19, 2023

The 4th Sunday of Lent calls us to reflect on the theme of “Light”.  The Christian must be a model of being light for the world.

Gailhac tells us: “…we must be light. Jesus is the way, the light: he will not mislead, we have already heard him. He has come from heaven to guide us; He is the light that does not change.”

The first reading speaks of the election of David as King of Israel and his anointing.  It is another key element for us to reflect on – our own anointing, which took place on the day of our baptism, thus making us the light of God in the world.

In the second reading, Paul suggests to the Christians of the community of Ephesus that they reject living apart from God, that is, in darkness. And that they know how to choose light, because, according to Paul, to live in light is to practice the works of God, which are “goodness”, “justice” and “truth”.

In the Gospel, Jesus, the Son of the living God, presents Himself as the “light of the world”, to free all people from darkness, selfishness, pride, and self-sufficiency. “Light” and “darkness” are, in this passage, two realities of power capable of taking hold of people and determining their life, choices, values and behavior. The Christian, however, is the one who has chosen to “live in the light”. Father Gailhac tells us: “You must be models, you must have an exemplary behavior, a whole life of light”.  To walk in the light, we must be true to ourselves. If there is no light in our own life, we cannot be in communion with others.

Aida Fombe RSCM
Beira, Moçambique

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