Easter Greetings from the Generalate

Posted April 16, 2022

In his message for Lent 2022, Pope Francis reminded us that we were called to “sow seeds of goodness for the benefit of others”.  Since he spoke, our world has been daily saddened and dismayed by the grim realities of war: unspeakable anguish and suffering, hunger and loss of life. We weep for all that has happened and continues to happen in Ukraine.

Throughout these weeks we have also been heartened by the huge outpourings of goodness and hospitality from every part of the world:  seeds of solidarity,

compassion and hope, sown for the benefit of our suffering brothers and sisters everywhere, especially in Ukraine.

As we enter into the Paschal Mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, and know God’s closeness to all human pain, we pray that those seeds of goodness may be transformed into a harvest of peace and reconciliation among all peoples. May   the Risen Christ lift up the broken-hearted, and strengthen and sustain all of us with the assurance of new life and joy.


Marco Rupnik

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May 25, 2022

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