100th Birthday of Irmã Escolástica, Covilhã, Portugal

Posted July 12, 2020

On June 17, 2020. Irmã Escolástica Genoveva celebrated 100 years of life. A long and happy life, a real blessing for all of us! There were many sisters and friends who joined by telephone; others even came to visit her and bring her gifts.
The party had been scheduled so that the family could be present, as well as the Provincial Team, other sisters, the people in the neighborhood and the community. Due to Covid-19, we had to change plans. We opted for a Community Celebration, attended by Sister Mª Teresa Nogueira and Sister Conceição Pereira, representing the Province.
The Eucharist, celebrated by Father Jesuit Rafael Mourão – a former preschool student at the Covilhã School – was a significant moment of thanksgiving for a life blessed by God. This celebration corresponded with the wishes of the Irmã Escolástica, who wanted everything to be simple, though she very much likes to be with people. At the end of the celebration, there was a special lunch, a PowerPoint presentation alluding to her history, congratulations for life, life in abundance!
Anyone who lives with Ir. Escolástica admires her lucidity, availability, interest in people and everything around her. All of this is the result of a deep relationship with God, of an inner life centered on the essential. She always tries to be informed, she reads a lot—spirituality, newspapers and other news. She is always attentive to the news and other interesting programs and likes to talk about the problems of the world. She spends hours of her day caring for the flowers, or helping with other chores around the house. In winter, she even cleans the fireplace, fetches firewood and lights the fire. She still prepares Vespers daily, adding some songs she likes.
On the afternoon of her feast, Father Luís Miguel Pardal came to greet her with a beautiful bouquet of varied flowers, as a representative of the people of the parish. He took a picture with her, which he later posted on Facebook and many people from the Parish and beyond wrote messages. Father Luís Miguel is Director of the Jornal Notícias da Covilhã, interviewed Ir. Escolástica and published an article in the newspaper. It was certainly a very tiring day, because the phone rang until very late, but Ir. Escolástica was always very happy and answered all the calls.
We feel very enriched because we can share your life and the beauty of your testimony. It’s so worth living!
Ir. Escolástica, with your Covilhã community, thanks all the Sisters for friendship, prayers, messages and your presence. Thank you!
For the Community
Sr. Mª Helena de Jesus, rscm

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