The Gift of Zeal – Eastern American Area

Posted August 4, 2022

Forever grateful for the gifts of our Founders

The Gift of Zeal
Roz Blanchet, RSHM,   Eastern American Area

They had taken to heart the Founder’ words, “Zeal is the principal mark of your vocation.” Zeal lighted their landing as six immigrant RSHM arrived in the new world of Eastern America in 1877. We give thanks! Zeal illumined their path as they began teaching women working at the mill and opened a parochial school in Sag Harbor. We give thanks! The flame of zeal spread as parish schools multiplied and Marymount schools and colleges flourished on three continents. We give thanks! In the spirit of the Founders, retreat houses and centers of social service responded to spiritual and economic needs. We give thanks! Zeal burned in the hearts of Sisters who ventured into health ministry, legal work with immigrants, and outreach on urban streets and in rural neighborhoods. We give thanks! For all that has been, and all that is to come, for zeal that began as a tiny flame and, fanned by the Holy Spirit, became a great fire, we give thanks! And we ask, O Loving God, that the zeal in our hearts may be an eternal flame. AMEN