The Gift of Justice – Western American Area

Posted August 12, 2022

Forever grateful for the gifts of our Founders

The Gift of Justice
Mary Genino, RSHM, Western American Area

 Along with all the members of the Institute, our SHM Extended family, colleagues, and friends, we in the Western American Area, California and Mexico, give thanks to our God for Fr. Gailhac’s commitment to justice and for handing this gift down as a part of his legacy to the Institute.

Gailhac did not say a lot about justice explicitly, that I was able to discover, but his words and actions spoke volumes about this virtue that he lived implicitly in all aspects of his life. We find evidence of this in his advocacy and care for the women and children entrusted to him, in his guidance and supervision of our first sisters and communities, in his dialogue with those in authority, in his relationships with others, and in his response to the needs of his time.

Gailhac, in his quiet and unassuming way, lived justice in an audacious and bold manner.  We identify Gailhac’s gift for Justice with the prophet Micah. Gailhac embraced and lived the call to “love tenderly, act justly and walk humbly with God.” For Gailhac, justice is the path to the reign of God, is the work of redemption, and will lead us to truth and holiness

In the WAA, we treasure this gift of and commitment to Justice from Gailhac. Throughout the decades, it has inspired us, impelled us to move beyond our fears and limitation, and influenced our decision making. It has profoundly impacted our reflection on the Scriptures and living of the Gospel, how we chose to use our resources, who we bring into our sphere of influence and what issues we will put our energy into. It has determined who we partner or affiliate with and demanded that we cross long standing (conscious or unconscious) historical and cultural boundaries and to grapple with the harsh realities of our political, economic, and social history which continues to negatively affect the ability of people to live life to the full.

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