News from Brazil

Posted October 22, 2020

Food Delivery for Families
Given the situation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, after lockdown, the Vida Irmã Maria de Aquino Project – Ubá, in partnership with the city’s Food Bank, donated a green basket (vegetables and fruits) weekly, for some families of children and adolescents who attend the Project. Also, with the help of other partners and donors, basic food baskets have been delivered monthly, to all families. It has been a difficult time, but we have tried to maintain “food security” through our few actions, always believing that better days will come. (Sr. Daniela, RSCM) “Seeing and feeling is not enough, something needs to be done to improve the situation of those who are suffering.”

Sustainability and Care of the Planet
The crisis situation has worsened for a long time, but we are not alone: neighbors and we collect used coffee powder and eggshells and learn to make an “organic fertilizer” for our plants and to share with others. Our RSHM sisters from the Community in Linhares / Brazil, are working with women in the cultivation of medicinal plants and for a healthy diet.

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