Posted April 26, 2021

Sister Rosa Peixoto, RSHM, reflects on the “moving forward”


Presupposes: courage, determination, confidence and freedom

To go forward is not always easy, because along the way we stop at little things and make big mountains out of them, which prevents us from seeing the other side of life and the continuity of the journey.

Moving forward requires determination and objectivity.

It is like the water of a river flowing into the sea; nothing stops it, it always moves forward, overcoming all obstacles, because it feels the strength and the attraction of the One who awaits it, to welcome it and make it rest from its race: to spread out in the immensity of the peace and tranquility that the sea offers it.

It is the same with us, when we truly believe in the Lord who calls us to life, not to remain wrapped up in the initial act of our existence, but to advance continually towards the One who calls us, re-creates us, attracts us and leads us, lifts us up by the arms to take the leap in safety. Then, yes, we will find the strength, the confidence and the freedom to keep moving forward without stopping at anything, because our goal is to meet the One who loves us, Jesus Christ Risen, with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Sister Rosa Peixoto, RSCM – Cabeço de Vide – Portugal Area

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