Béziers 60 years of religious life of Sister Marie-Paule Petit

Posted May 25, 2021

Sisters Marie-Jean Barthes and Françoise Wyckaert, RSHM

This Sunday, May 9, 2021, in Béziers, we were in  joy  celebrating Marie-Paule Petit’s 60 years of religious life.  We  were associated , in thought and prayer, with the sisters who had made their commitment with Marie-Paule, namely Marguerite-Marie Lyng and Catherine Dolan, both of whom we were able to reach by telephone that day, and Adelaide Cunha.

It was a day of celebration and joy shared among  us, with the Community of the Good Shepherd and with the “Church” which is at La Devèze and welcomed us to celebrate the event. It was there that Marie-Paule worked for a long time in the service of catechesis, floral decoration and multiple punctual services. A colourful parish community, rich in different cultures, very dynamic and attentive to all. Father Lucas marked the jubilee very well throughout the celebration. After the homily, Marie-Paule renewed her commitment, counting on the support of us, the sisters, and the prayer of the Christian Assembly of Our Lady of Reconciliation. Sister Marie-Michèle, on behalf of the Christian community, presented her with a gift (a book). Because of Covid 19 we were unable to meet for a convivial time around a glass of friendship.

Then at the Good Shepherd we met again, the Community and Christiane, for a festive time, the fraternal meal in a house well illuminated with flowers received from our  Unity France and Marie-Paule’s friends.


The day ended in thanksgiving during our evening prayer…

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